Charles has studied with Shaman's and alternative healers for over 36 years. He is a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Certified Religious Counselor and Certified Spiritual healer.
Serena works as an Ordained Minister with various healing modalities including Healing Key Way, Sacred stone Healing, Spiritual Healing, Aromatherapy, Quantum Touch, Reiki & Meditation.
Private & Phone Sessions Available
Charles, 509-389-7290
Channeling occurs when another consciousness is allowed to align with the channeler for the purpose of communication and the sharing of information. The channeler steps back in consciousness and allows the entity to move through them to use their mind, emotions, and vocal chords.

Channeling can be used to verify intuitive feelings, and to view life’s issues and situations with deeper awareness. The spirit guides are able to help most people with their down-to-earth issues, as well as with diverse and abstract metaphysical concerns.

Charles channels beings of light who have contracted with him to help humanity evolve. The free will of the individual is always respected and information is given for the highest good of all.
Private & Phone Sessions Available
Serena, 509-389-0927
The Healing Key Way is a system designed to assist an individual on their spiritual journey and self awareness. It is for those who wish to grow and work on evolving their personal issues. The individuals developed, focused intention for change is the foundation of the work.

The Healing Key Way involves knowledge of consciousness and energy, recognizing that energies, beings, and entities exist in non-material realms and are either supportive or oppositional. When guided, oppositional energies are cleared. Higher forms of energies from other realms are sometimes called upon to aid with transformation. Muscle testing is utilized to ask "yes" and "no": answers to questions in a specific order. Depending on the answers we determine how to change the situation and reach the individuals goals of their intention.
Progressive Healing
Charles and Serena work together or individually doing Progressive Healing sessions. This involves various healing modalities that are combined, depending on individual needs. Techniques include Spiritual Healing , Aroma therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other methods.
Charles and Serena are available to perform weddings, naming ceremonies, fairy parties, ordinations, etc. We will meet with you to discuss details of specific requirements you will need for your own individual ceremony.
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